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After setting herself up in business in her early 20’s, Astie Greenwood is now enjoying her sixth year of self-employment. As owner of graphic design business Astie Design Graphic Design. She has built a loyal clientele from a broad range of industries such as Mt Sheridan Plaza, Cairns Amateurs and and The Cairns Jockey Club just to name a few with a large list of established small businesses. Armed with the winning combination of a professional approach and creative flair she has made a respectful name for herself in the business community.

A born and bred Cairns girl, Astie discovered her talent for design at an early age. Combined with her love of the tropics and design you could say she is living her dream with running her own design business during the week while visiting all of the tropic wonders Cairns has to offer with her young family in her down time

Centrally located in a modern shared office with other industry talents such as Web developers, Business advisors, Book keepers and Marketing consultants Astie is forever gaining new experience and knowledge to add to her business.

Just like Astie a lot of her clients are hard working local small businesses which is why she strives to make them feel they can put all of their trust in her and have open communication to establish the design best to suit them. Providing services such as logo design and branding, web development, brochures, posters, signage and more.

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